Flyball is a competitive team relay for dogs, where two teams of four dogs compete against each other in separate lanes. The course consists of running over four hurdles, retrieving a tennis ball from a specially designed ‘box’, and then returning over the four hurdles to cross the start/finish line. All four dogs must complete the course accurately and without faults, and the fastest team wins!

Fast, well-trained dogs make it look easy, but it does require a lot of dedicated training and dogs are introduced gently to competition in Starter Competitions, which have more relaxed rules. It usually takes 12-18 months to fully train a flyball dog!

Any breed of dog can do flyball; all that is required is that your dog is fit, energetic and motivated by toys. A good recall is absolutely essential, and your dog should also be well-mannered around other people and dogs before you begin training.The Phantoms Flyball Team

We have our own club, The Phantoms! The team is registered with the British Flyball Association and we compete regularly across the UK. Although there is no obligation to join The Phantoms, many of our course graduates go on to team training and competitive tournaments. You can find out more about The Phantoms on our club website here:

Flyball Foundation

£60 – 6 weeks course + online content – The Elms, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield

Flyball Beginners CourseOur Flyball Foundation course is aimed at brand-new starter dogs and handlers who have never done flyball before, or for experienced flyball handlers with new dogs. This course focuses on making sure dogs and handlers have a good introduction and foundation for safe and speedy racing in the future.

This course will address the absolute basics, including:

  • Retrieving a ball and swapping for a toy or treat reward
  • Recalls on the flat, progressing to recalls over small hurdles, with focus on correct stride patterns
  • Beginner box training; target work, how to start work on the chute, what to look for, and reward placement

Dogs should be at least 6-8 months old to begin our Flyball Beginners course (we may suggest waiting longer with larger dogs such as Dobermans or German Shepherds).

Flyball Intermediates

£60 – 6 weeks course + online content – The Elms, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield

Our Flyball Starter course follows on directly from our Flyball Foundation class, and builds on what you have already learnt to train your dog through the next stage. This course includes:

  • Continuing to work on box turns and recalls
  • Transitioning chute work on to a flyball box
  • Singles racing; your dog will learn how to complete full runs with a correct box turn
  • Team aspects; boxloading, scribing, and changeovers

If you want to pursue flyball to a competitive level, this course will provide the perfect stepping stone for you to join the Phantoms team, where we’ll begin looking at head-to-head racing and racing within a team. Even if you don’t want to be competitive, this course will offer you some new training challenges and plenty of fun for dogs and handlers!

To enroll on this course you must have completed our Flyball Foundations class first.

Flyball Packages

Flyball Double-Up

£105 – back-to-back Flyball Foundation and Flyball Intermediates

If you know flyball is the sport for you and your dog, why wait? Book back-to-back courses; 12 weeks that will take you from brand-new beginners right through to being ready to begin team training!