Wag It Games Weekend

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We are very excited to be offering our first Wag It Weekend! Training for all ages of dogs and handlers over two days at our beautiful outdoor venue at Farnley Tyas.

The Wag It Games are a series of relationship based training games covering a variety of skills, based off obedience, agility, and scent training. The goal is to have fun, allowing you and your dog to explore different training games and develop your relationship and skills! You can find more information on the Wag It Games website, and Claire is a Licensed Instructor for Wag It Games.

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll be covering a different aspect of the Wag It Games skill set. These include:

  • Shadow Skills: involves the dog “shadowing” handler movements through twists, turns, and side changes. This class adds some fun to the traditional Good Citizen skills, and if you’ve done Rally Obedience before, some exercises will be familiar!
  • Obstacle Skills: a series of simple obstacles to negotiate alongside the handler. Brilliant for those dogs who like to investigate and explore, or dogs who need to gain some confidence with new experiences.
  • Sniff It: a variety of scent games and challenges. Gundogs, especially Spaniels, tend to really enjoy this one!
  • Quarry Quest: scent games in which the dog sniffs out their “quarry” (does not feature live prey!). Terriers really enjoy Quarry Quest!
  • Dog Ball: dogs maneuver an inflated ball through a series of obstacles. Herding breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds often love this game!

Our Wag It Weekend will be held at our 6 acre field at Farnley Tyas over both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a 45-60min lunch break each day, and handlers are welcome to picnic at the field or the local Golden Cock pub is just a short walk from our training field. All ages of handler and dog are welcome!