Flyball Foundation Training Day

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Flyball Foundation is back at North K9! We are running a one-off training day in conjunction with The Phantoms Flyball Team.

This Flyball Foundation training day is aimed at brand-new starter dogs and handlers who have never done flyball before, or for experienced flyball handlers with new dogs. Our foundation training is focused on making sure dogs and handlers have a good introduction and foundation for safe and speedy racing in the future!

Over the course of the day, we’ll cover:

  • Retrieving a ball and swapping for a toy or treat reward
  • Recalls on the flat, progressing to recalls over small hurdles, with focus on correct stride patterns
  • Beginner box training; target work, how to start work on the chute, what to look for, and reward placement

There will also be chance to see our team flyball dogs in action, and to experience being part of a flyball team by boxloading, judging passes, and running recalls!

Dogs must be at least 6 months old to attend this training day, and must not have any pre-existing health conditions. Please note for that for short periods, your dog must be able to be left unattended in your vehicle.If you don’t live locally to North K9 and The Phantoms, but would like to start flyball in your area, the British Flyball Association website will help you find local teams and events!