Claire’s Blog: Introducing Mavis

The subject of December’s blog has changed a little, due to a sneaky new arrival here at NorthK9 HQ!

Please meet Mavis, who is our newest, and certainly smallest, addition to team NK9. Mavis is now 15 weeks old. She’s a Border Collie x Whippet Lurcher, and came to me via Lurcher Link. Lurcher Link is a local rescue that is very close to my heart as it’s also where my lovely old boy Bert came from. I’ve done lots of work with them over the years and they do a fantastic job helping Lurchers all over the UK.

Mavis is starting work on social skills, self control, and manners since arriving home. She is very level headed and bold, nothing really has phased her so far. She’s even starting to win over my Malinois Havoc, although he’s still not entirely convinced!

We are just getting to know each other; I’m learning which of the breed traits are showing more strongly in her behaviour (it seems to be Border Collie 😎👌🏻) so I can tailor what I do with some areas of her training. We’ve started a bit of obedience and tracking basics, but the priority in these early weeks is for Mavis to visit as many places as possible, learn to travel happily in the van, and to apply her new manners and self-control when meeting new dogs and people.

You can keep up with her adventures on her Facebook page “Making Mavis” or her twitter @mavishound1, or on our Instagram tagged #MakingMavis!