Claire’s Blog: Holiday Adventures!

Havoc and Claire exploringIt’s been a very busy year at North K9, and so recently I decided to try and squeeze in a holiday! We had a lovely few days away in gorgeous Anglesey, and I got to spend some quality time with my boy Havoc. Havoc has been on the blog before, but for those who don’t know, he is my 2.5 year old Malinois (Belgium Shepherd). He is a very active working dog, and his name suits him perfectly!

When I raised him as a puppy, the thing we did the most of in the early weeks and months was social and life skills, and self-control and impulse-control. All essential skills for dogs to help them function well in normal day-to-day life! With a very active dog like Havoc, it’s has been absolutely crucial for him to learn these skills. Havoc now understands when he is working and he can be full-on in his attitude, but he also understands when that isn’t required.

Havoc napping after a long dayAll that work in the early days meant that we could treat our holiday as a true break; no work, just lots of walking in the woods and on the beaches, and spending time in cafes! It was nice and relaxing, and Havoc was so well behaved. We never had to worry about how he might behave in new places, or with strange dogs and people, since he just took it all in his stride. We also had lots of down time in the hotel, and we all enjoyed our break!

As much as we enjoyed our little holiday, we are back to work now! We are all very busy planning next year, and we have lots on the horizon. We can’t wait!!!!