NEW: Scent & Nosework Class

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By popular demand, we are happy to announce we will be running a new class from July 8th: Scent & Nosework!

This class will run weekly and will cover scent and food searching, moving on to tracking and detection as dogs progress.

Scent & Nosework is suitable for complete beginners, those who have attended our Scent & Detection or Tracking workshops, or for those who have been working on their dog’s skills for a while.

About Scent & Nosework

Scent and Detection dogs are in use all over the world to find specific scents – including explosives, illegal substances, and diseases! – and the same training can be used with our own pet dogs. Scent work training uses a dog’s natural abilities to identify, source, and indicate a specific scent in any environment.

Scent & nosework training teaches and encourages dogs to engage their brain and use instinctive calming behaviours in a positive, self-rewarding way. This training is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs, including dogs with limited exercise requirements or ongoing health problems, dogs who need an outlet for their energy, or for dogs who struggle to focus.