Agility Skills Weekend

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Dog agility is a very popular sport which requires dogs to negotiate a series of obstacles, directed only by the handlers body language and verbal cues. It’s fast, varied, and lots of fun for dogs and handlers!

We are offering a jam-packed agility training weekend that will introduce the foundations of agility over two days, at our field in Farnley Tyas. This training weekend is ideal for handlers and dogs who have never tried agility before and would like to give it a try, or for more experienced handlers with new dogs or puppies.

Day One (Saturday) will cover:

  • Motivation (using food/toys effectively) and timing of rewards
  • Body awareness tricks and games
  • Advanced wait training (and why it’s important!)
  • Forward drive: start adding the speed at the start!
  • Basic shadow handling

Day Two (Sunday) will cover:

  • Teaching dogs to extend and collect
  • Target training or shaping? Choose your contact training method!
  • More advanced shadowing handling

This training weekend is appropriate for dogs aged 8 months upwards. Use of equipment is minimal and involves no impact work. We will also provide access to our Agility Skills online content during and after the training day.